I began college a year after high school in 1988 at Palo Alto Community College, then transferred to Southwest Texas University.

After three years, I withdrew due to receiving a full-time promotion at the company I was working for part-time. The responsibilities of the position left little time for school work, and as a single mother, I felt it was an opportunity I could not let go.

25-years later, I am completing my education and will graduate with a B.S. in Mass Communications Digital Media Innovation in the Fall of 2020. Graduate studies will follow to obtain a Mass Communications M.A. with a Digital Media concentration degree.


Present – 2017
Texas State University
San Marcos TX
BS Mass Communications Digital Media Innovation, Psychology Minor (graduating 2020)

1992 – 1991
Southwest Texas University
San Marcos TX
BA Applied Sociology, Psychology Minor (90 hours completed)

1991 – 1988
Palo Alto Community College
San Antonio TX
General Course Work


  • Apps: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Acrobat, iMovie
  • Web Content: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, WordPress, CRM, CMS
  • Excellent grammar, knowledge of A.P. Style
  • Copywriting: Web & blog content, press releases, marketing material, news stories
  • Typography & printing techniques
  • Video editing/producing
  • Social media management & analytics
  • Team builder and enthusiastic team member
  • Character traits: Motivated, resourceful, curious, good-natured, decisive, effective communicator, objective, time manager, eye for detail